Progressive Pricing

Only pay for what you use

How much does it cost to use the platform?

Teleborder’s visa management software is 100% free for companies with a headcount below 200. Pricing for larger companies depends on the company’s size and the features the company selects.

How much does it cost to get advice regarding a potential hire?

Nothing. We provide a visa roadmap for your potential hire within 24 hours, free of charge. You’ll know exactly how much the visa will cost and how long it will take.

How does Teleborder make money?

For smaller companies, we charge you a flat rate any time you use our provider network to obtain or renew a work visa. Larger companies pay a subscription fee to use our platform and network.

Do I pay extra for government fees or requests for evidence?

No. Government fees and responses to requests for evidence are included. Our price covers everything you need; attorney’s fees, support staff fees, printing costs, everything.

Do you charge for visa renewal tracking?

No. Our renewal tracking features are included in the price.

What if something unexpected happens?

Our fee is all-inclusive. If you need something extra, like help preparing for an interview at the consulate, we’ll be happy to provide at no added cost.

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“I couldn’t believe how quickly Teleborder moved our international employee through the immigration process. We got the talent we needed without wasting excess time and resources.”

Xan Tanner, COO - Panorama Education
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