Teleborder is the easiest way to manage international employees.

Teleborder's new approach to work visas manages the process in the cloud, making everything convenient and accessible. Employees save time by completing tasks online. Managers get information with just a few clicks. Companies plan for the future with confidence.


Hire the talent you need

Users get information online whenever they want. Employees complete a simple list of tasks. Managers can see how long the process will take and how much it will cost.


Manage your international workforce

Our way empowers HR professionals to excel. Deadlines are tracked automatically. Costs are clear so you can plan your growth with ease. And you can see the status of every visa all in one place.


Retain your best employees

We let you create an online roadmap for your employee's career. Costs are easy to project and manage. Everyone can see each milestone years into the future.


Your visa experience

Teleborder is quick and clear. You complete a simple to do list online. You upload documents to our platform. And you can see the status of your visa anytime.

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“I couldn’t believe how quickly Teleborder moved our international employee through the immigration process. We got the talent we needed without wasting excess time and resources.”

Xan Tanner, COO - Panorama Education
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